Hi, I’m Janie!

I help women create a nutrition and training routine that achieves their goals and dreams without the extremes

  • Are you struggling to find to best nutrition solution for you?

  • Have you tried it all and still have no clue where to begin?

  • Do you still crave food, have anxiety around food and want to just stop thinking SO MUCH about food?

  • Are you lost when you hit the gym or find that you’re unable to follow a consistent plan?


Woman - I feel you!!!!!

2014 - present

Over the years I’ve gone from doing what I thought I should be doing:

Focusing on the main goal of being lean and weighing x amount of lbs 2013 Fitness America Miami placed last

Focusing on the main goal of being lean and weighing x amount of lbs 2013 Fitness America Miami placed last

  • 1000-1300 calories per day

  • 60 mins + cardio per day

  • Split training 5-7 days per week

  • Cheat days

  • No days off

  • GRIND grind GRIND

  • Lose my period

  • Lose my energy

  • Lose my ability to keep weight off

  • Increase my anxiety and stress

  • Jump from method to method without the quick fix I wanted

  • Unable to fit into any of my clothes


to now!

Focusing on getting STRONG AF, eating REAL food, balancing my hormones, balancing my stress and feeling my best JUNE 2017 RPS Placed 1st in my second meet

Focusing on getting STRONG AF, eating REAL food, balancing my hormones, balancing my stress and feeling my best JUNE 2017 RPS Placed 1st in my second meet

  • Eating upwards of 2200 calories

  • Strength training 4x per week

  • Cardio no more than 20 mins 3-4x per week because I like to

  • Yoga 1x per week because #stretching and #stressmanagement

  • Regular cycle

  • Great mood and energy

  • Body and mind confidence on the reg

  • Staying processed focused and thriving

Initially, trusting in myself was the hardest part! SO MANY of these old tools that once worked for me were STAPLES in my attempts to lose weight or look a certain way. But these tools just weren’t doing what I needed them to anymore.

So what did I do?

  1. I began LISTENING to my body

  2. TRAINING smarter, not harder

  3. Focusing on nutrient dense, whole foods to fill up my body and soul

  4. I tuned into the environmental stressors that were holding me back: sleep, stress from life/training/work/relationships

  5. I started responding to my BODY vs forcing my body to try and fit a specific “mold”

    I became OBSESSED with helping other women develop their own methods and break free of the extremes !!


These days

I work both remotely and 1-1 helping women achieve their goals through progressive training programming, nutritional education, lifestyle and behavior awareness tracking and focusing being PROCESS driven vs results driven.

I am newly married and have a beautiful fur baby, Roxy - who you may catch at the studio from time to time.

Most of my free time is spent training because #love, furthering my education, listening to podcasts, networking with other boss lady’s, cooking up a nice rib eye, going for nature walks, watching true crime docuseries on netflix with my husband and well… using my time enjoying LIFE vs wasting time obsessing about my strict diet or training schedule. Ya feel me?

  • If you are DONE with jumping from program to program… diet to diet.

  • If you want to enjoy more time doing things you LOVE and less time wondering how you’re going to fit into your favorite pair of jeans

  • If you love lifting but want more structure and understanding to optimize YOUR results

  • If you’re ready and willing to TAP INTO yourself in order to improve your health and achieve your goals for LIFE

The time is now!

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Ready to make magic happen?

and by magic I mean team work and effort and communication and consistency ON THE RINSE AND REPEAT until you’re ready to go out in the work and slay what you’ve learned and gained ALL DAY!


  • -Strength training program designed for YOU

  • -Personalized nutrition coaching

  • Focusing on the process because the bod is just a bonus

  • Team up with me to create your forever plan

  • Learn how to

  • -get strong 3-4 strength days per week with personalized conditioning/cardio as needed

  • -stay focused by getting in tune with yourself - what your body wants/needs and thrives on vs what you’ve been told

  • -create YOUR  way of eating whether it’s keto, low carb, carb cycling, fasting or a combination of all of YOUR favorite methods that we find best works for you and your goals

  • -reduce food anxiety and start enjoying your social life!

  • -improve your energy and stop relying on energy drinks throughout the day

  • -learn how to be PHYSICALLY and mentally flexible for a balanced mind and body

get instant access to

  • Initial Intake form

  • Access to group facebook page

  • Nutrition and hydration info so that you can get started RIGHT NOW

  • Access to Truecoach training app where you will receive your training program

  • 1-1 phone consultation schedule

  • Access to your weekly check in form

  • Start working on achieving your goals

what you can expect from my coaching services:

  • a healthier and happier relationship with food and fitness - in turn creating a better relationship with yourself!

  • a stronger mind, a stronger body and a stronger soul - there’s nothing as empowering as breaking free from the things that are holding us back!

  • confidence to carry what you’ve gained beyond our coaching time together. I want to see you stick and stay with your way!

  • support, guidance and insight - learn how to use the power of communication with a coach and with YOURSELF to be able to objectively make decisions that become second nature

  • improved mood, energy, body composition

  • feel like a BADASS in the gym

  • feel like a BADASS in your skin

  • $145/m

  • 100% personalized coaching to support YOUR needs and YOUR goals

  • weekly 20 min phone calls

  • daily email access for questions about your personalized program

  • video form feedback and access to one bad ass training app

  • go BEYOND tracking macros, sets + reps.

  • nutrition and training tips coming straight from a type 1 diabetic, certified personal trainer + nutritional therapy practitioner who just wants to see you succeed!

  • no contract. Cancel within a full 10 days notice.


Thank you for all that you do! The mindset shift I’ve had over the last year is 100% because of your guidance and support
— Abigail B
I’ve gained a lot more self awareness. And really, that’s the best thing for me long term. Because even though 10 lbs is a BIG deal for this body, I know it reflects a lot more too
— Rachelle G.
I entered your program wanting to lose weight and left it knowing more about my body, what makes me feel my best and how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle allowed me to be a happier person, a better wife and mother, a better employee and much much more. I have weighed less but have never felt so good”
— Aubrey B.
I feel amazing!! My energy is better than ever, my body feels amazing and so does my mind!
— Katie C.